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RF-SIM Business
RF-SIM is a technology of proprietary intellectual property right that embeds a special-made radio frequency module into a mobile SIM card that complies with GSM specifications. 
The RF-SIM card is a combination of ordinary mobile phone subscriber identity module card and contactless smartcard. RF-SIM business covers the research and development, production and sales of RF-SIM products; and licensing of the RF-SIM operation rights in markets other than Hong Kong and Macau. 




CA-SIM is a patented innovational product developed all by IEL Group.

CA-SIM is a new two-sided smart SIM card with Bluetooth 4.0, carrying 2.4G RF/Bluetooth wireless communication function, 2K magnetic coupling distance control technology, CA authentication and basic voice & data services of telecom in one. Based on the Public Key Infrastructure and Bluetooth tech, it provides to the user a safe and covert authentication and thorough related APP services. CA-SIM is a innovative idea which will connect the Internet with the offline real world seamlessly. It will develop into the O2O solution for the Smart City Policy and IOT APP.

The Pioneering Advantages of CA-SIM 

Security Infrastructure: Based on PKI CA Authentication and Hardware Encryption

CA Center: Trusted Third Party

Ease-of-Access: Users carry smart phone (and SIM card) with them virtually at anytime, anywhere.

Ease-of-Use: CA-SIM connects Physical World  and Internet through seamless integration of Proximity & Vicinity RF technologies, Bluetooth, B-7816 (7816 over Bluetooth), Mobile APPs, Mobile Internet and Cloud Services.

As a result, CA-SIM enables O2O applications with unmatched user experience.


CA-SIM protect your financial security

Hardware-based PKI CA provides Trusted Identity for financial transactions over Mobile Internet

Hardware-based data encryption enhances security level of financial transactions

Trusted Identity and hardware-based data encryption enhances security level on offline financial transactions


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CA-SIM hardware development

Our company has years of research & develop experience of software and hardware in the field of mobile telecommunication. We have professional embedded engineers on software and hardware, who can solely accomplish hardware design, bottom layer development and corresponding embedded operating system and application development. 

·Parking Lot Product

Parking lot POS applied 2.4G RF communication technology and RS485 data transmission mode, which enables the user to flash and open the gate. Also, it has applied the APP online anytime payment channel, integrating and tracking the system data on the cloud end. The parking lot POS links to the APP and CA-SIM card to automatically identify valid card info and prevent invalid card and overdue subject from entering, which can enhance the secure system of the parking lot and the intelligent management of the charging system. The parking lot POS has a great applicability and can overlap any parking system.

·Access Control Product

Access control POS is a card reader based on 2.4G RF communication technology, which support the communication with CA-SIM card to realize the mode of flashing phone to open the gate. It can upload the attendance record to the cloud through the APP in order to manage it. The access control POS has sufficient storage to give the system diversified access permission (e.g: temporary access, permanent access and specific area access, etc.). In this case, CA-SIM card authentication system has enhanced the safety of the access control system to a certain extent. The access control system focusing on access control POS can be applied to locations such as office area, residential estate, business circles and scientific research base.



·Customer POS

Customer POS is a card reader loaded with 2.4G RF communication technology and docking to the POSPi software system protocol. It links businesses in different scene together between POSPi software and the CA-SIM, constructing a smart all-in-one POS system including processes of booking, ordering, mobile payment and bill management.

· Bus POS

Bus POS is a POS devoted to public transportation consumption services which installed in the front of the bus, covering city buses, community buses and so on. It uses 2.4G RF communication technology, breaking the general IC card flashing mode and providing to passengers a platform to flash their mobile phone for payment. Meanwhile, bus POS is loaded with mobile Internet, cloud calculation, Bluetooth communication technology and APP software, forming a comprehensive first-rate service platform which has convenient mobile payment function, offerings from interactive ads, real-time bus location tracking function, customized route calculation function, and can charge separately according to different traveled sections, etc.

· Electric & Water Meter POS

Electric & water meter POS is a new product based on CA-SIM authentication. With its Bluetooth 4.0 communication channel, the mobile phone APP can read the electricity and water fee and make the payment online in time. Other than that, it can also check the family consumption record online. These series of intelligent mode not only improve the life quality and efficiency of the user, but also cut down the operation management cost of relevant authority.

CA-SIM hardware development

· OBD 

OBD, short for On-Board Diagnostics System, focuses on the diagnosis of vehicle-mounted information, such as exhaust emissions, failure identification and engine monitoring, paying full attention to the dynamic factors in the process of driving. The OBD will communicate with the APP through Bluetooth 4.0 channel, which enables the APP to automatically response to the diagnosis and provide an inquiry function for the vehicle owner to check at anytime. The high-performance of OBD can ensure that it can be online for a long term and run stably in actual application, bring every customer an enjoyable experience.

· Bluetooth Modular

The Bluetooth module is a smart product of wireless data transmission based on Bluetooth 4.0, completely developed on our own. It mainly uses in short distance wireless data communication area replacing the existing serial port line, which can free the users of the trouble of cable connection. With its extremely low power consumption and high sensitivity, this module can help to realize a thorough point-to-point data transmission between system devices.


· Smart Household Product

Smart household products including smart switch, smart lights and so on. It has loaded with Bluetooth 4.0 tech, which can enable the user to set scene settings and remotely control the lighting. In this case, the user can form a easy, low delay and low power consumption life mode. The smart household products can provide all kinds of real-time smart interconnected auditory and visual experience to the customers, building up a new mobile Internet life for the majority of users. 

· Bluetooth Pedometer

The Bluetooth pedometer is a new product which has applied Bluetooth 4.0 tech to the field of exercise and fitness. It has functions of pedometer, measuring distance, measuring calorie, monitoring our sleep and so on. Its safe electron radiation and low power consumption can ensure the users that they can do exercises in a long time. Docking with the mobile phone APP through Bluetooth, the Bluetooth pedometer combines with the mobile phone storage and cloud data management system to provide various services like history record, exercise reminder, community service, fitness instruction, which can put exercise and scientific fitness service together.