Mzone Secure Wi-Fi

Mzone Secure Wi-Fi


Mzone wireless network can provide EAP-SIM auto-authentication which is based on 802.1X, forming a “Terminal + APP + CA-SIM + Cloud background” Smart Wireless Network Ecosystem with the outer supporting system and the device. The wireless routers of the Operator, Service Provider and the Merchant are compatible in the system at the same time, making use of both the advanced Mzone network and the Mobile Internet to provide various O2O services. We cooperate with merchants, enterprises and individuals from different areas. To the public, we provide auto-authenticated wireless network connection and ambient life information inquiry, etc. To the merchants, we provide value-added services like efficient and precise information promotions, store Wi-Fi coverage, indoor localization, mobile shopping guide, mobile payment and CRM. Also, it is an efficient mobile internet information distribute pipeline for advertisers and digital content providers.


Mzone = MVNE in Global Scale,Mobile Virtual Network Enabler
Security: Authentication in Operator level, encrypts in the bottom layer in the whole process. Together with CA-SIM cloud certificate, the real name system is safer. The general method of shared password plus APP of the Wi-Fi Alliance is widely spread, which is easy to lose control.
Value-added service: Combining with the great resources such as CE CRM call centre, online CS, SmartPay platform, universal credit, traffic trading, accounting and billing system and so on, providing a comprehensive service to the merchants.
IOT Connection: Provide Wi-Fi connection and data sync channel for smart furniture and smart pendant devices to the users.
Our Services
·Mzone Wi-Fi Alliance 
Free Wi-Fi no longer just limited to a single merchant or single point. Users can enjoy free Wi-Fi to play cloud games, music & video and social chatting if they are in the coverage of the Mzone. Mzone truly realized the Fully Mobile Wirelessly Connected Roaming Service from point to area. Free Wi-Fi no longer have safety loophole. It can be from a family owned network to nation wide roaming network.
The user doesn’t have to enter username and password to verify when connecting to the Wi-Fi. The system and CA-SIM card perform two-way authentication to enable Wi-Fi, which is completely transparent to the user. It can shorten the Internet connecting time for the user and enhance the Wi-Fi usability and larger the chance to contact with user.
·Publish Pipeline for Product Ads and Digital Resources
Providing an efficient mobile internet information distribute pipeline for advertisers and digital content providers. The distribution will be based on a real user’s interests, location and Internet resource usage record, sending the product information to the mobile terminal directly to enhance the reading rate of the ad. Working together with the digital content providers (e.g: the local press, science digest, etc.), we can provide digital reading resources for Internet users to browse and subscribe. 
·Wi-Fi Coverage and Wi-Fi Operation & Maintenance Cloud background Management 
Nowadays, Wi-Fi coverage is a must in very store. We provide to the merchants the installment and maintenance services of wireless device, which can reduce the maintenance cost for the merchants and expand the network coverage. This will attract a large amount of users to access the Wi-Fi. In this UGC Network era, this could promote the users to share the product and service, which can spread the reputation of the merchant. Through the cloud background, we provide professional Wi-Fi management and construction in order to support the merchants.
·Bluetooth Locating and Payment 
The users can walk around the store at will, receiving coupons, discount info and new product promotion by the mobile phone all the time. In the meantime, the user also can make full use of the interactive feature of the APP to inquire about the product, try out, access to the after sale support. This can simplify the POS machine deployment for the merchants, which can reduce the POS cost and perform mobile payment in a safer and more convenient manner.
·CRM Service 
The strong cloud background and call centre can provide professional CRM service to the merchants and manage their customer for them, performing mobile Internet ads and coupons distribution, points management. Making use of the big data advantage, we can realize the location-based mobile shopping guide and precision marketing based on the user’s spending and visiting habit.
·Professional MVNE Service 
We collaborate with all size of merchants, communities, WLAN service providers, operators to provide professional WLAN construction, management and solutions for outer value-added business system which included the supply of infrastructure, WLAN Network construction, APP development, cloud platform construction, customer management system, the supply of smart cards and so on.

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