Sunward Telecom has been awarded the special prize in “The most competitive enterprise in the market” category of “Golden shell prize” in payment industry 2012

Post Date:2013-03-07 article source:Sunward Telecom Page View:8083

“Golden shell prize” 2012, a very respectful prize from the payment industry, has been announced recently. There are nearly hundred applications for this award. After strict evaluation and voting, 2 general prizes, 5 special prizes and 2 single prizes were awarded. There are all together 15 enterprises and products in the award list. Sunward Telecom has been awarded for the first in the special prize, the most competitive enterprise in the market.

“Golden shell prize” is organized by PayNews China payment website to commend the products or solution which has a remarkable performance or outstanding contribution in the payment area in the past year. The product and solution include micro-controller, card product, POS terminal, client software, system platform software, total solution, etc. The “Golden shell prize” is divided into 3 categories. General prizes include “The most industry influence brand” and “The most consumer favorite brand”. Special prizes include “The most competitive enterprise” and “The most innovative enterprise”. Other single prizes include “The best feedback product”, “The most innovative product”, “The most reliable product” and “The greatest market potential product”. 

Xiamen Elite Electric Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise approved by Xiamen city government. It insists to carry out technology innovation and product development. In 2012, it successfully developed the second generation 2.4GHz RFID-SIM. At the same time, it had breakthrough on the 13.56MHz NFC and SWP SIM development. Currently, Xiamen Elite Electric Co. Ltd. owns several important patents on RFID-SIM technology. Its 2.4GHz RFID-SIM has been listed as “Strategic innovative product” in the 2012 national focus innovative project. As a technology innovation based company, Xiamen Elite Electric Co. Ltd. has shown a great competiveness in both product development and product marketing area.